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We supply a wide range of sustainably cut and sourced materials including English hardwoods and soft woods cut to order: beams, planks and posts.

milled timber
Milled timber is seasoned for 2 years plus.

Barn stored logs, 2 year seasoned, cut to size, split and delivered free within the South East (UK) all year round. We also supply kindling

barn stored logs
Barn stored log prices:

£150 full load
(2.2 cubic metres)
£8 per bag


We supply a range of products including: planter troughs,
out-door seating, fence and trellis posts and poles.

wooden herb planter trough
Oak planter troughs for herbs at Fair St Housing Co-op

wooden garden trough
Planter trough and seating at St Andrew's School, Hove

wooden skateboard table
Skateboard table, conservation area, Birmingham

wooden trellis
Trellis, Doctor's Surgery, West London

mosaic bench
Cherry tree mosaic bench, NHS Trust Luton

elm table and seating
Elm table and seating, Wild life Park, Kent

tree house or hide
Tree house/hide, Private Gardens, Kent